"I Would Recommend Cláudia In A Heartbeat"

The quality of her work is top notch. I have often relied on Cláudia for advice, tips, referrals and recommendations and despite being very busy she always makes time to help others. I would recommend Cláudia in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a top notch HR consultant. I can’t think of a more highly qualified expert in her field.

Anette Nelson, VP of HR, FleetLogix

"Cláudia Is Extremely Personable And Really Connects With People."

I recently hired Cláudia to deliver Leadership Development Training to our entire management team at my organization, and also to conduct our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. The feedback from our managers was outstanding. Cláudia is extremely personable and really connects with people.

Anette Nelson, VP of HR, FleetLogix

"Visionary, Strategic, Proactive"

Cláudia Schwartz is the archetypal Human Resource “leader”: visionary, strategic, proactive. If you need expert HR advice, seek Claudia. Claudia is the mentor/coach I think of when I want to increase my HR Director’s effectiveness.

Brett Mosher, CEO , Palco Labos

"Integrity And Sense Of Business Strategy"

Cláudia Schwartz is an experienced HR professional who brings integrity and a sense of business strategy when addressing the HR aspects of the business. Cláudia is very creative and committed to delivering tangible results for the client. She does everything to ensure client satisfaction.

Claudia Mazanec, Human Resources, Qualcomm

"She Reads Between The Lines"

I really trust Cláudia’s expertise in HR strategic planning and metrics. She was instrumental in helping us frame all aspects of our HR strategy and dashboard process. If not for Cláudia, we would never have identified the right strategies to be in full alignment with the business. She reads between the lines, sifts through, and makes things clear and concise. She is easy to work with and has a very strong client satisfaction orientation. We think the world of Cláudia and look forward to working with her for years to come.

Daryl Smith, VP of HR, Cox Communications

"I Highly Recommend Her Without Reservation"

Cláudia is an outstanding resource for any aspect of the Human Resource field and I highly recommend her without reservation. I first met her in 2001 when she gave an extensive HR culture session to my Northern California Vistage group. I was so impressed with her insights on creating a successful culture that I kept her contact information handy for any future HR/culture opportunities. She ultimately worked with me on 2 different projects. The first was a change management issue and the second was hiring a replacement HR executive. In both cases, Cláudia was great to work with. She was very knowledgeable with great insights. She also had the ability to give thoughtful feedback/course correction advice in a direct, but effective way. In the case of filling the HR Executive position, her advice and counsel resulted in an outstanding hire that was critical in then helping my company successfully navigate major opportunities and changes.

Duane Nelsen, CEO, GWF Energy

"Cláudia Schwartz Is The First Person I Think About Calling"

Cláudia Schwartz is the first person I think about calling when I need advice or when I need an HR question answered. She is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of Human Resources and very up-to-date about everything that is going on in employment law. She is highly respected in the HR community, and so are her professional opinions. All of her resources are extremely helpful, thorough, and invaluable to those who are developing in the HR field.

Jannine Tejeda, HR Director, La Mesa RV

"A True Inspiration"

Cláudia Schwartz is a true inspiration and a mentor, not only to me, but to so many other young Human Resource professionals. Cláudia has an amazing ability to return all calls and e-mails promptly and, despite her very demanding schedule, she never makes the person on the other end of the phone or computer terminal feel rushed or insignificant. Her willingness to put in so much extra time and effort to help advance the field of human resources is a true inspiration. Cláudia’s work-ethic and high standards are contagious. When Cláudia says something or shares information, I always know it will be accurate. I am consistently amazed at Cláudia’s ability to know the most specific details of a situation but also be able to view things from a global business perspective. Yes, business and not Human Resources. Because of her, I am a better businesswoman and Human Resource professional. She has an amazing ability to treat everyone she knows with respect regardless of where they are in their professional development. She unselfishly gives of her time and energy with no expectation of anything in return, just the hope and desire that the field of human resources will continue to advance. Claudia is a mentor in every sense of the word.

Melissa Cogan, SVP of HR, LPL Financial

"I Believe Her Work Is A Gift"

Cláudia Schwartz is an individual who I have championed for over 15 years because I can trust her and the work that she does. Professionally and personally, she has assisted all of the people to whom I have referred her. I believe her work is a gift they have received in terms of her competence, ability, experience, professionalism, and doing the right thing. I turn Cláudia over to Vistage members and others to whom I recommend her, and I can walk away. I don’t have to worry. That is important to me.

Ozzie (Austin) Gontang, Vistage Chair

"Claudia Is One-Of-A-Kind"

I have known Cláudia for years as one of the best HR Leaders in San Diego. I have worked with Cláudia when she conducted a complex investigation at my former organization and when she has provided professional development in several organizations. It is without hesitation and with great pride that I recommend Cláudia for any engagement related to Human Resources, Organizational Development, Leadership and Business strategy. Claudia is one-of-a-kind in her skill, knowledge and ability to bring about positive change. She is exceptionally devoted to the HR community and provides countless hours helping to mentor and develop future HR Leaders. I have been fortunate to benefit from Cláudia’s mentorship myself. Above all, Cláudia is skilled at working with all; from entry-level to the C-Suite and she does so with admirable integrity, poise and true vision. As an HR Leader myself, I aspire to be what Cláudia is to others.

Phebe Jones, HR Director, Rady Children's Hospital Physician Management Group

"Cláudia Schwartz Received A 97.3% Rating"

Cláudia Schwartz received a 97.3% rating as a speaker in the San Diego SHRM Conference, tying for the highest rating.

Results reported by Gretchen Bonifield, HR Director, Rady Children's Hospital Physician Management Group

"Cláudia Puts Her Clients Before Her Business"

Cláudia puts her clients before her business. She is the only person I know who always has a good answer when I am in need. Her wealth of knowledge, thoroughness, and patience in explaining things are priceless qualities, especially for a venture capital company as ours. Having seen Cláudia training so many times, I can say she is a magnificent teacher. I can’t say enough about her.

Vonda Fontaine, Manager, Forward Ventures